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Apple macbook pro software

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When you use these methods instead of Software Update, your Mac might need more storage space to download macOS and complete the installation. Ventura Monterey Big Sur Catalina Mojave High Sierra Sierra El Capitan Yosemite Mountain Lion Lion If you're having difficulty getting the links to work, try again using Safari.

It's in your Applications folder. If you need more storage space to download or install, learn how to free up storage space. If the macOS that you want isn't compatible with your Mac or the currently installed macOS, the installer will let you know, and the App Store might prevent you from downloading it. For example, it might dim the Get button, say that the macOS is not compatible with this device, or say that the requested version of macOS is not available.

Learn what to do if you get an error message saying that an error occurred while downloading, preparing, or installing, or that the installer is damaged or could not be verified. How to download macOS Download and install current or previous versions of the Mac operating system.

Use Software Update Using Software Update is faster and easier than upgrading by other methods, and it might require less storage space to download and install the upgrade.

It's in your Applications folder. Then click the Updates tab in the App Store to check for updates. You can also search for software by name.

If you don't have enough storage space to install. If your Mac stops at an Apple logo or progress bar during installation. If an error occurs while downloading or installing. Download macOS installers from other Apple sources. An update is a newer version of the currently installed macOS, such as an update from macOS Monterey If an update or upgrade isn't compatible with your Mac, it won't appear in Software Update.

Learn about background updates in macOS. Learn how to update your iPhone or iPad. Use Software Update Before following these steps, it's a good idea to back up your Mac.

If you chose System Settings, click General on the left side of the window. Then click Software Update on the right. If you chose System Preferences, click Software Update in the window.

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This helps ensure you have plenty of room for all your projects, files and media. Below are just a few of the special offers:. Need help with the coupon? Check out these step-by-step activation instructions. There are plenty of additional bargains going on, knocking double and triple digits off Apple Watch hardware, software, iPads and more.

Here's a sampling of some of the deals, with markdowns on hundreds of products available in our AppleInsider Apple Price Guide. Free 2-day shipping or free express pickup is also included. Samsung has released its answer to the iPhone 14 Pro and other smartphones.

Here's how the Galaxy S23 compares against the iPhone 14 Pro. The powerful M2 Pro Mac mini is now out, and it gives the tower a run for its money. Here's how it compares to the inch MacBook Pro with M2.

Here's how they stack up versus the M1 Max and M1 Pro models. The M2 Pro Mac mini bridges the gap between entry-level and high-end. Here's how it compares to the baseline Mac Studio. Revamped 'Myst Mobile' lands on iPad, iPhone. New HomePod 'surprisingly easy' to disassemble and repair. Moment launches new 1. Apple's update to the inch MacBook Pro adds the M2 Max to an already fantastic notebook, a change to satisfy creators and power users. If you're looking for Thunderbolt 4-compatible hubs and docks so that you can add more connectivity to your Mac, we've curated some of the best docking and port-expanding accessories currently on the market.

The just-released Mac mini looks unexciting from the exterior with its years-old design � but don't let that fool you. This unassuming Mac is a steal with surprising performance. At the CES, we went hands on with some of the best smart home products to launch outside of Apple's HomeKit ecosystem. We went hands-on with all of the new smart home products that work with Apple HomeKit so far this year, trying out everything from smart lights to wall-mounted controllers.

OWC's Thunderbolt Go Dock offers excellent connectivity for road warriors without the need for a giant external power brick, but its port selection is a little low for the price. Not everything has to be Matter-compatible. One version of the Meross Smart Plug Mini isn't, and still allows you to control nearly any appliance in your HomeKit setup within a small and light design.

What's old is new again as Apple's original HomePod has returned with revamped internals and big sound � but an unchanged high price.

The Holokit X is representative of what AR on iPhone can be, but its status as an ongoing project limits user experience. Toggle navigation.

AAPL: For a long time, the operating system on Mac was called OSX. You can still hear some people use this term. However, in , Apple renamed it to macOS, so we will use this term going forward. Each year Apple releases a new version of macOS.

They used to be backward compatible, i. Mojave was the first macOS which could not be installed on some of the oldest Macs. I expect every next release will have similar restrictions. So, if you have an older Mac, check you can upgrade it to the latest OS.

What can Siri do? Most people use Siri to search for something on the internet. All you do is ask Siri a question, and it will transform the voice command to a text which will be sent to a search engine. Once Siri gets results, it will tell what it had found.

Another use is to find anything on the Mac. For instance, Siri is great when you need to find a document you worked on last week. In my opinion, the most powerful feature of Siri is controlling Mac and connected devices. For instance, you can ask Siri turn off Wifi and Bluetooth, raise or lower the sound volume, send a message, set the alarm, take a selfie, etc. And finally, people use Siri when they are bored. Siri can tell jokes, find the music you want to listen or read the news.

Is it the best browser? Definitely, not, but it does the work. The advantage of Safari is that Apple wrote it specifically for Apple computers. So, it supposed to have some edge over other browsers in terms of energy usage and speed. Mail is fairly simple built-in email client. You can do things that any email client does: write and read emails, send attachments, sort and find messages, organize messages in folders.

If you a regular email user then Mail client will be enough. Power users will find features limiting and will most likely invest in better solutions.

I use Mail to combine various secondary emails accounts in one place. If you have an iPhone you probably already know what FaceTime is. You can also make a group call. In both cases, FaceTime uses Wifi as transport. If you have an iPhone, you probably noticed that messages sent to someone who has an iPhone have blue color while non-iPhone users get green messages.

What does this mean for you? It means that you can send messages to iPhone or Mac users from your Mac without having a cellular connection.

Also, it means that these messages do not count to your SMS limit if you have one in your mobile plan. With the News app on Mac, you can follow a channel or even a specific topic of interest. Apple will aggregate the news and send them to you periodically. You can read them in the app and then like or even share. With this service, you can get stories from premium newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal or Time.

If you frequently purchase books from the Book Store, they will appear in the Books app. You can see books in all or almost all Apple devices, including MacBook Pro. Besides following news, you can also follow stock prices. With the Stocks app, you can add ticker symbols to your watchlist. You can also view stocks in the Notification center on Mac. Stocks app also allows seeing price charts with multiple ranges. Serious investors may find the app lacking functionality.

The Home app is a program that may become very big in the future when we all going to have smart homes. If you have a device that can be controlled over the network you can add it as an accessory to the Home app. Once installed, you can then control lighting, temperature, home security, TV, and speakers. The list is endless. Besides issues commands and changing things in real-time you can set schedule.

For instance, you can set up the thermostat to start heating the house right before you arrive home. And all of this can be controlled thru Siri which will manage the Home app and its accessories. My personal favorite. Whether you are recording the lecture in class or just recording your notes for the next blog, Voice Memos can capture your recordings.

You can then replay or even edit recordings, although editing capabilities are not too impressive. You can later transcribe voice memos to a text. Apple has a rudimentary note-taking app. Whether you need to save a recipe or make a to-do list, you can use Notes. This is not the best app by all means, but it comes with some neat features.

You can attach different media such as pictures, videos, and even locations on the Maps. There is also a collaboration feature. You can share a note with multiple people and work together. Each computer needs a calendar app, and Macs have a pretty good one. As most applications in macOS, this one integrated with other programs on your laptop.

So, if you need to add a location on Maps in your calendar event, you can do it. Other features include sending and receiving invites.

Calendar app obviously connected to your Mail app so you can see all meetings from all Mail accounts in one place. You can also color-code your calendars so you can quickly spot events related to family, work, or others. With this app, you can aggregate multiple contact lists in one giant collection.

I prefer to keep contacts on my phone, not a laptop. Another app without a clear purpose. And if I need to take notes to collaborate with other people, I can use the Notes app. While most of us use MacBooks for work and study sometimes, we want to have some fun, and Photo Booth is super fun to use.

With this app, you can quickly snap a selfie of yourself or yourself with friends. Prefer videos? Not a problem, you can shoot videos with Photo Booth as well. If you need time to set up the scene, there is a default three-second countdown before taking a photo. You can also use various effects to make your photos funny.

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MacOS User Interface for Beginners - How to Use Apple MacBook Pro - Switching from Windows to macOS

Web2 days ago�� With Apple's high performance M2 Pro chip, the MacBook Pro inch is capable of handling even the most demanding tasks with ease. Even more appealing is the triple-digit discount in effect. WebJan 12, �� Apple's own iMovie isn't the most robust or professional video editor on the market (those honors go to expensive software like Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro), but it's one of the. WebNov 3, �� BetterSnapTool ($3) Yes, you can use Split View on MacOS to view two applications side by side, but it's nowhere near as intuitive as it is on Microsoft's Windows, where you can simply drag a.