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Torrent clients enable you to download torrent files or use torrent magnet links. Each is used to download and share files over the internet; and each Mac BitTorrent client offers something different. A good BitTorrent program should be easy to use, reliable, and quickly download files from other computer users. Large or obscure files can take a long time to download, so a good client should also be unobtrusive, sitting in the background and quietly pulling down your files while you continue to work.

In this feature, we look at all the Mac torrent clients worth considering, and figure out which is the best for the average Mac user to depend on. Torrents are small files that you can download and open in a torrent client.

The torrent client then downloads a larger file from the internet using a process known as BitTorrent. BitTorrent enables people to share large files with each other using a peer-to-peer network, which means they share parts of the file with each other, rather than downloading the whole file from a central location such as iTunes. You download a small file, called a torrent, and this enables you to connect to other computers with the same file and download parts of it from each other.

These parts are then shared until you have the whole of the file, at which point you can continue sharing the file known as seeding. One person has to seed the whole of the file in the first place for other to share it. BitTorrent is an efficient way to share large files across multiple computers. It has something of a bad reputation because of its association with file-sharing sites like The Pirate Bay, but the technology is often used to share less controversial large files, such as software updates, Linux installation distributions, and open-source or copyright-free programs, movies, music and other large files.

To download a torrent you must download first a torrent client. This accepts the file and logs on to peer-to-peer networks to hunt for other people sharing the file.

Torrents and BitTorrent technology are, themselves, completely legal. However, many people use torrent technology to download files from popular filesharing sites like The Pirate Bay. Many of the files shared, such as the latest movies or television shows, may be subject to copyright laws, and downloading them is generally subject to copyright law in most countries.

Film and music companies have been known to monitor torrent activity and bring court cases against individuals it suspects of copyright infringement. Instead, you click on a magnet link in a website, and your default torrent app will automatically start downloading the whole file using BitTorrent. Magnet links contain a hash code that is unique for each different file.

All modern BitTorrent apps also support magnet links. Since uTorrent is extremely popular , you can find multiple online user forums with helpful questions and answers. Yes, uTorrent for Mac is safe to download and use.

Using any torrent application, including uTorrent Mac, is completely legal. However, downloading copyrighted material using a torrent file is illegal. No, torrenting in itself leads to your IP address being broadcasted over the peer-to-peer network. Therefore, it is advisable to use a VPN before downloading anything.

When you club a VPN with uTorrent, you get better security as well as enhanced speed. It encrypts your traffic and allows you to access websites that are otherwise blocked in your area. Installing uTorrent on Mac is straightforward; all you need to do is download and run the. The uTorrent app is bit, whereas Catalina only supports bit applications.

You can switch to the uTorrent web application to access different torrent files. While uTorrent for Windows has been around for years, the Mac version is still new. It does have various alternatives. If you want a quick and easy option to download movies, music, and videos, you should download uTorrent for Mac. It is incredibly lightweight and offers multiple downloads without eating up too much bandwidth. It also comes with a variety of features as well as a beginner-friendly dashboard.

The software is free to download and also has an easy-to-use web counterpart. It was wonderful and fantastic software which is ever getting for free. Easy to configure and use. Everything is automatic. But it is also very unstable.

No crashed, but it stalls a few times a day. Pros: Lightweight and easy to use. Cons: Gets cut off from the internet from time to time, where the rest of the computer works just fine online. All downloads suddenly becomes inactive for about an hour or more.

Bad toolbars. Extremely bad that 2 toolbars are installed when downloading Utorrent. Worse is, that they remain even after uninstalling Uto rrent!!! Removing these toolbars can cause your pc to crash. Its great if you have Pros: It works for My friends and I all use i t, which can help you fix all the problems you may encounter More.

The world's fastest Gnutella P2P file-sharing application. Super fast and media rich bit-torrent client. Although uTorrent is a secure BitTorrent client, it is not private.

Anyone can access your downloads and see your download history or trace the downloads back to you. You might want to add another layer of security and set up a proxy. Laws concerning the use of this software vary from country to country. We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws. Softonic does not encourage or condone the illegal streaming, duplication or distribution of copyrighted content.