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Use why-run mode to understand why the Chef Infra Client makes the decisions that it makes and to learn more about the current and proposed state of the system. Run the Chef Infra Client in local mode. This allows all commands that work against the Chef Infra Server to also work against the local chef-repo.

A new Chef Infra Client run looks for the presence of a lock file and, if present, will wait for that lock file to be deleted. The location of the lock file can vary by platform. Local mode is a way to run the Chef Infra Client against the chef-repo on a local machine as if it were running against the Chef Infra Server. Local mode relies on chef-zero, which acts as a lightweight instance of the Chef Infra Server. Local mode will honor the settings in a configuration file, if desired. If the client.

This allows a normal user to run the Chef Infra Client in local mode without requiring root access. This approach to configuration management can help identify where complexity exists in the system, where inter-dependencies may be located, and to verify that everything will be configured in the desired manner. When why-run mode is enabled, a Chef Infra Client run will occur that does everything up to the point at which configuration would normally occur.

This includes getting the configuration data, authenticating to the Chef Infra Server, rebuilding the node object, expanding the run-list, getting the necessary cookbook files, resetting node attributes, identifying the resources, and building the resource collection, but does not include mapping each resource to a provider or configuring any part of the system.

For example, the service resource can be used to start a service. If the action is :start , then the service will start if it is not running and do nothing if it is running. If a service is installed from a package, then Chef Infra Client cannot check to see if the service is running until after the package is installed. In that case, why-run mode will indicate what Chef Infra Client would do about the state of the service after installing a package.

This is important because service actions often trigger notifications to other resources, so it is important to know that these notifications are triggered correctly. This allows the Chef Infra Client to be run against the chef-repo as if it were running against the Chef Infra Server. Changed in Chef Infra Client Data bags store global variables as JSON data. Data bags are indexed for searching and can be loaded by a cookbook or accessed during a search. To generate an encrypted data bag item in a JSON file for use when Chef Infra Client is run in local mode using the --local-mode option , enter:.

The current version of the standard is FIPS This will disable cryptography that is explicitly disallowed in FIPS-validated software, including certain ciphers and hashing algorithms.

Any attempt to use any disallowed cryptography will cause Chef Infra Client to throw an exception during a Chef Infra Client run. MD5 is used only to generate a unique hash identifier and is not used for any cryptographic purpose. The Chef Infra Client can be run as a daemon. For more information about these configuration options, see the Chef Infra Client cookbook repository on github.

The Chef Infra Client may need to be run with elevated privileges in order to get a recipe to converge correctly. On Windows this can be done by running the command prompt as an administrator. On Linux, the following error sometimes occurs when the permissions used to run the Chef Infra Client are incorrect:. This requires super user privileges and, as such, is not a recommended approach.

On Windows, running without elevated privileges when they are necessary is an issue that fails silently. It will appear that Chef Infra Client completed its run successfully, but the changes will not have been made.

When this occurs, do one of the following to run Chef Infra Client as the administrator:. Log in to the administrator account. Run Chef Infra Client process from the administrator account while being logged into another account. Run the following command:. Open a command prompt by right-clicking on the command prompt application, and then selecting Run as administrator. After the command window opens, Chef Infra Client can be run as the administrator.

In large, distributed organizations the ability to modify the configuration of systems is sometimes segmented across teams, often with varying levels of access to those systems. For example, core application services may be deployed to systems by a central server provisioning team, and then developers on different teams build tooling to support specific applications. In this situation, a developer only requires limited access to machines and only needs to perform the operations that are necessary to deploy tooling for a specific application.

The default configuration of the Chef Infra Client assumes that it is run as the root user. This affords the Chef Infra Client the greatest flexibility when managing the state of any object. When the Chef Infra Client is run as a non-root user the Chef Infra Client can perform any action allowed to that user, as long as that action does not also require elevated privileges such as sudo or pbrun.

Attempts to manage any object that requires elevated privileges will result in an error. For example, when the Chef Infra Client is run as a non-root user that is unable to create or modify users, the user resource will not work. For example:. Another example of running the Chef Infra Client as a non-root user involves using resources to pass sudo commands as as an attribute on the resource.

This approach can work well on a case-by-case basis. The service resource supports starting, stopping, and restarting services that are managed by System Resource Controller SRC , as well as managing all service states with BSD-based init systems. The Chef Infra Client has the same system requirements on the AIX platform as any other platform, with the following notes:. When the system process limits are too low, the Chef Infra Client will not be able to create threads.

To increase the system process limits:. A screen similar to the following is returned:. The service resource does not support using the :enable and :disable actions with resources that are managed using System Resource Controller SRC. This is because System Resource Controller SRC does not have a standard mechanism for enabling and disabling services on system boot. One approach for enabling or disabling services that are managed by System Resource Controller SRC is to use the execute resource to invoke mkitab , and then use that command to enable or disable the service.

See the proxies documentation for information on how to configure Chef Infra Client to use a proxy server. For example, to trigger a Chef Infra Client run on a machine running Linux:. This approach may be used to update normal attributes, but should never be used to update any other attribute type, as all attributes updated using this option are treated as normal attributes. Chef Infra Client executable. When Chef Infra Client runs, it performs all of the steps required for bringing a node into the expected state, including: Registering and authenticating the node with Chef Infra Server Synchronizing cookbooks from the Chef Infra Server to the node Compiling the resource collection by loading each of the required cookbooks, including recipes, attributes, and all other dependencies Taking the appropriate and required actions to configure the node based on recipes and attributes Reporting summary information on the run to Chef Automate Note The Chef Infra Client executable can be run as a daemon.

Note The client. Use the --config option from the command line to override the default location of the configuration file. This file is not created by default. Note why-run mode is not a replacement for running cookbooks in a test environment that mirrors the production environment. Chef uses why-run mode to learn more about what is going on, but also Kitchen on developer systems, along with an internal OpenStack cloud and external cloud providers for more thorough testing.

Note chef-zero does not save data between restarts. Because it is intended to be used locally, chef-zero does not perform input validation, authentication, or authorization, as these security measures are not necessary for local testing. For these reasons, we strongly recommend against using chef-zero as a persistent Chef Infra Server.

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The actual command that is run by the default bootstrap script is:. These options can be passed along with an Msiexec. On Windows, run Chef Infra Client periodically as a scheduled task. Scheduled tasks provides visibility, configurability, and reliability around log rotation and permissions.

Refer to the Schtasks documentation for more details. Many organizations already have processes in place for managing the applications and settings on various Windows machines. For example, System Center. Chef Infra Client can be installed using this method. This is typically done during the installation of Chef Infra Client automatically. Refer to the Schtasks documentation for more details. Many organizations already have processes in place for managing the applications and settings on various Microsoft Windows machines.

For example, System Center. Chef Infra Client can be installed using this method. This is typically done during the installation of Chef Infra Client automatically. Used to install the chef PowerShell module.

This will enable chef command line utilities within PowerShell.

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How to install the Chef Server and Chef Client on Ubuntu 20.04

WebChef Infra Client is an agent that runs locally on every node that is under management by Chef Infra Server. When Chef Infra Client runs, it performs all of the steps required for . WebBy downloading Chef Infra Client to the target node, and then running the Microsoft Installer Package (MSI) locally By using an existing process already in place for managing . WebDownload Chef Workstation | Chef Community Downloads Chef Workstation / Stable Releases Chef Workstation is Chef's modern developer tool kit that includes Chef Infra, .