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Blender addons free download

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Create an object and turn it into fog with a single click. Then easily customize the density, look and color of the fog. There are great add-ons for scattering objects, but the simplicity of nature clicker is awesome.

Just select the assets we want to place and start clicking. It randomizes the placement and rotation according to the settings we give it. When we have a lot of add-ons, our sidebar can get pretty full. Simple tabs is an easy and light-weight add-on to organize the Blender sidebar.

With Simple Tabs, we can rename and reorder tabs in the sidebar. We can also consolidate multiple tabs in the N-menu. Designed by Chipp Walters, this is handy for Blender users of all levels. Adding random bounce and sway to an object is simple with this add-on.

Adding randomized motion, rotation and even scaling is very intuitive. We can move the object without resetting the wiggle. The simple add-on adds a complex set of geometry nodes to make this all happen. It allows fast and efficient kitbashing and can serve as a library manager for kitbashing assets and materials. This is one of the most downloaded add-ons for Blender. The paid version comes with a huge pack of assets. The free plug-in comes with a small starter pack. Want to reconstruct your hometown?

This is a free way to use GIS data from maps to create terrain and streets based off real places. We can also add generic buildings to locations of buildings in the real-world. There is a paid version with additional features. Machin3 Tools is a free set of tools to improve our workflows and the Blender interface.

From lots of pie menus to smart rendering tools and even an asset library, there is definitely something in here that can make your life easier. Curtis Holt brings us a free set of tools to make Blender more efficient and user friendly. Like linking at birth and linking after creation. CubeSurfer Addon allows us to remesh a particle system in real-time.

It works nicely with the molecular script addon that was originally created by the same developer. Using them together, it is possible to create amazing effects and high-quality simulations. It highly comforted our choice of putting it on the best free Blender addons list. This addon was created by master Xeon and team c the developers of popular Blender addons such as Boxcutter. As the name suggests it allows you to easily, smoothly, and with much more efficiency save your progress in addition to more options compared to other saving options in Blender.

For example, it has the ability to save instantly similar to save states without dialog or interaction needed once installed. Also, the generic naming system capable of avoiding unintended overwrites ensuring progress is never lost.

In addition to that, there is a 3D viewport notification icon near the top bar for visual awareness of save status always just to name some of the features. With the RigUI addon, you can create custom pickers in Blender. It lets artists create a picker by creating simple 3D shapes in the viewport and linking them to parts of the character rig controls. There are actually two main methods for working with rig controls. Especially when it comes down to 3D character animation: On-character controls versus an animation picker.

When it comes to complex characters, it is very hard to beat an animation picker. Mira Tools are modern modeling and retopology tools. There are some Modeling and Retopology Tools that were written a while ago. This shows us that a lot of the addons and the tools in this industry are inspired by other software and other tools. This is not just a model of Mars. This will allow you to see how your Planet is being modified in real-time while you are changing the settings without having to render every time which I think is fantastic.

It is a useful addon that comes with Blender. Back in the previous versions of Blender, loop tools was one the only way to get some important hard surface stuff done. But now there are many other alternatives, however, it is still good.

This addon has a lot of operators for turning any number of edges into a circle, making sloppy loops into a perfect curve, flattening things at strange angles just to name few things that loop tools can do. This addon can make your life easier by highlighting the information of models that can be problematic later on if you are not aware of.

For example object count, isolated element count, double count, and so on. All this happens in real-time through shading colors of models in Edit Modes. This will help you keep an eye on important info while doing your work. This addon is a nice way to create complex Boolean effects in a simple way. Like a lot of the other tools available for Blender. It is free and available for all Blender users because it is a built-in addon.

But it can be a very effective way of starting to use Boolean tools before deciding on more advanced addons that we are going to go over very shortly. This is a fantastic addon for Sculpting, anatomy, and organic modeling. But it can also be used for Prototyping and concept sketching. Its concept and tools are simple but its very powerful and creative. It has a traditional approach to sculpture that from a set of clay pieces generates a unified sculpture.

Actually using this approach is different but interesting refreshing. This Blender addon comes with 7 brushes. The features it comes with include:. This addon is interesting because it makes it possible to create nice buildings or houses really fast. You can achieve this by procedurally adding some of the most frequent blocks for building. Building tool works using the same principle as the addons that are used to create or place intricate details on hard surface models.

But instead of that, it is used to generate architectural elements real quick. This one is especially good for quick exterior archviz.

BY-GEN is a free and open-source addon designed to simplify the process of creating non-destructive, generative modeling styles in Blender. It also lets us use generative modeling styles on existing geometry. It makes heavy use of the modifier stack to provide various forms of mesh-manipulation to let you achieve a variety of geometric effects.

Through the use of a simple interface, you can either generate new objects from scratch or apply styles to pre-existing objects. This is one of the free Blender addons for retopology that seamlessly integrates the Instant Meshes automatic retopology tool in the software. As the name suggests, it is an addon to remesh your Models. It can be especially useful when you sculpt. Instant Remeshes Remesh allows you to get way better results compared to using the automatic remesh.

You can also use the mesh modifier in Blender, but using the add-on is still a better choice. This is another entry among the free addons for Blender dedicated to remeshing your sculpts. Before Starting the Retopology, you can choose which tool to use.

Such as Simple Vertex, Bsurface, or Polybuild. The add-on creates a mesh, and when you are in the edit mode, you just have to draw Grease pencil lines and click on Add Bsurface. Basically, this addon is a simple method for those who are not familiar with programming languages to create tools in Blender. This addon offers nice tools and it works nicely with some other addon too.

Its simple approach and tools allow you to create smooth and clean meshes easily. For example, B-surface style allows you to draw lines or select points to create or generate quad surfaces smoothly. Polygon merging as the name suggests is a tool that allows you to merge the vertex in the circle. Also, there is the Contour style tool that allows you to create retopology meshes around circular meshes very easily. JARCH Vis is one of the free Blender addons for architectural visualization that helps artists to create certain architectural objects in a way that makes them easily customizable.

The architectural elements that can be created are: Siding elements, Floors, Windows, and Roofs. The Object Scatter addon for Blender allows you to scatter a mesh on a surface. It can be used to scatter any type of objects across surfaces. Like grass on a terrain, buildings on large surfaces or anything else that can take an insane amount of time to scatter manually. This is also one of the free Blender addons that are built-in the software.

And it can be used to generate some interesting results without any financial requirements. These cutouts are sprites and the addon offers a lot of the tools you need to animate them. And it is easy to use as well. While we have now grease-pencil, it seems to me that the COA tools is still pretty handy.

Because it offers everything you need in one panel, it feels like a streamlined application. As the name suggests, it allows you to properly arrange and check the UVs of your 3D models properly by using simple and fast tools and features such as :. This tool also escaped the free Blender addons list very recently. So we had to update this article and remove the link to the no longer available free version.

The developers of this addon actually worked on Rigflex a few years ago as an experiment, but later, it was proven to be a handy tool. After a while, they gave it a re-vamp and ported it to Blender 2.

The movement of many animated characters is improved by some sort of soft body simulation. Antennas, clothing, tails, feathers, scales � you name it. Blender has a variety of techniques for this but it takes a while to get it right.

Also, not long ago there has been an older addon that has a similar aim called Jiggle Armature. As the name suggests, Real Camera is an addon that allows you to control the Blender camera. It is almost like a real camera inside Blender. This will allow you to have control over many features that real cameras have. For example, it will enable you to have a real camera like autofocus and exposure when rendering your projects.

But, the main point of this addon is the auto-exposure and autofocus. And like using a real-life camera, there are certain features that can be replicated and controlled using the same principles. Besides that, the add-on comes with interesting features that come in handy when you are working on an animation.

This addon has a clear interface that can help you see and manage your cameras very easily. For example, you can at any moment align the camera with an object and lock it on it. You can also align the camera with a view or track the camera to an object. In addition to that, you can create camera markers that allow you to animate the process of switching cameras.

This addon comes with nice Boolean tools and modifiers that can make the process of modeling hard surfaces easier. Even though this addon is free, it can help you achieve really great results. It comes with a handy pie menu with the Boolean operation, cleaning mesh, wire-shading, edit normals, some modifiers, and bevel operations.

Some of the modifiers are:. For example, You can use the Boolean by creating a plane, give it thickness then cutout the difference. Which is great for creating hard surface details in a very short period of time. It definitely deserves a good spot among the free Blender addons that are worth trying.

They use RenderMan to render their in-house 3D animated movie productions. And it is also available as a commercial product licensed to third parties.

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