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Premature 2014 full movie free download

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A high school senior has to re-live losing his virginity over and over again until he gets it right, with the right girl. Premature Trailers. Fans of Premature also like. To sum this movie up in one word: entertaining. The movie is enjoyable if you're watching it with friends, or just sitting at home alone. I really liked the actors, even if the acting wasn't great. It was good, just not great. If you liked American Pie, you're probably going to like this movie. I did not want to watch this film as on paper it sounded awful and juvenile.

I gave it a go and am pleased I did. As others have said, this is a mash between Groundhog Day and American Pie. A teenage boy is stuck living the same day over and over, every time he ejaculates he goes back to the start of the day to relive it. It sounds an awful film and there are some moments, such as him using his headteachers sandwich mayonnaise to help him masturbate to avoid being arrested, which bring the humour level down.

However there are some genuinely funny laugh out loud moments. The ending is predictable, corny and slightly suspect. Would you really leave a boy in your daughters bedroom, especially if you walked in on them and she was just wearing a bra?

There are some great performances especially by the lead I have never heard of before and Craig Roberts. Overall I would give this film a go. It sounds awful and juvenile but it quickly brings you in.

You may not find all the humour funny or even tasteful, but there are some really funny moments. The Groundhog Day aspect of the film give it a twist that makes it stand out and above American Pie style films. This film is pretty typical of the High School comedy. Some cheap gags centered around toilet humour or sex, a cast of reasonably 1 or if you're lucky 2 dimensional characters and a heartwarming albeit totally predictable conclusion after 90 minutes.

I'm not quite sure why several other reviewers are commenting on Katie Findlay's performance. It hit the top of the bell curve. For those not statistically inclined that means it was average, neither good nor bad but smack on the Mean.

The film's lead actor, John Karna, was chosen for the ability to pull a realistic 'cum' face reliably. Considering that was his primary expression for the majority of the movie he was a good choice, his acting ability otherwise.

So so. The only consistently funny performance was provided by Craig Roberts who is actually endowed with the ability to act. I've seen him in a couple of other pictures and think this kid has a long acting career ahead of him. The film is essentially a rip off of 'Groundhog Day' which is of course a better film. For 'Premature' to really succeed it could have lowered it's own bar and fully embraced the toilet humour motif. Other films have done this and been hilarious, Premature got caught up in the emotions too much.

Semua download film disini subtitlenya terpisah. Untuk Tutorial Download klik tulisan kuning ini dan untuk Tutorial melalui video klik tulisan kuning yang ini. Premature Permasalahan tentang Download Q : Saya bingung dengan cara downloadnya?

A : Untuk cara downloadnya silahkan cek disini gan. Q : Min kok format filmnya. A : Tinggal rename aja gan jadi. NET linknya Bad Request sih? A : Karena setiap akun google drive memiliki batasan 15GB maka saya menyarankan agan menghapus film yang sudah agan download.

Hapusnya harus benar-benar bersih sampai ke " Trash " Google Drivenya agar kuota google drive agan bisa berkurang. Q : Min kok muncul tulisan " disk full" ketika download di filesku. A : Solusinya adalah kirimkan ke saya email yang agan gunakan untuk login di filesku melalui pm facebook cek paling bawah atau kalau tidak punya fb, lewat kolom komentar aja.

Agar saya menghapus riwayat loginnya. Jadi agan harus logout dan login ulang kembali di fileskunya. Q : Terjadi error " File not found " ketika saya ingin mendownload filmnya di filescx, solusinya? A : Silahkan Laporkan pada kolom komentar atau chatbox agar segera kami ganti linknya dengan yang baru. Q : Min kok files.

A : Sistem Files. Ini untuk pengguna lama ya yang udah dari dulu make files. Q : Min kok setelah klik tombol download di filesku. A : Tulisan seperti ini ya? Q : Mengapa Filmnya tidak bersuara setelah di download? A : Setiap device sistemnya berbeda-beda. A : Untuk film versi download, subtitlenya harus di download juga gan.

Cara pasangnya gampang, cukup samain nama film dan nama subtitle. Contoh : avenger. A : Itu karena agan menggunakan browser dengan format player videonya tersendiri seperti UC Browser sehingga subtitlenya pun tidak muncul sesuai format dari player yang kami gunakan. Jadi saya sarankan agan menggunakan browser lain seperti Chrome atau browser bawaan. Q : Subtitle streamingnya tidak pas, gimana dong? A : Silahkan laporkan lewat komentar atau melalui chatbox untuk perbaikan.

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