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Korean flashcards pdf free download

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And so on. The above image is a sample from the book page Page 1 is a cover image, and after that, ALL of the following pages follow the same format:. Use these! Below are the links and methods I used to help me learn how best to create my own flashcards in this way:. Are you working on your vocab these days? Inspiration I spent the summer studying 30 new vocabulary words per day, making flashcards for them and going through the Leitner Calendar Spaced Repetition System to make it all work and help me memorize the words long-term.

Inspiration So, hi again. So, I got a little behind schedule. My apologies. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Search for:. Skip to content. Open Sidebar. Aaron Updated: Sep 9, Published: Sep 9, 2 min read. Nevertheless, if you think these flashcards will help you, please feel free to use them. How to use the flashcards The above image is a sample from the book page They have been for me!

If you want to break this down even more, then you could work your way up to piles of cards as you work your way through the deck. You can separate them into how confident you feel about a word on a scale of But you need to see these words again and again in different contexts to really cement it into your brain.

So try to work them into the grammar pattern you are currently learning in your textbook or online course � it will be a huge help! This will open up so many more opportunities to expand your vocabulary, and using them in different ways will allow you to see any gaps in your knowledge. We all have different interests and lifestyles, so some words are more relevant to us than others, and those sets of words will look different for all of us.

Blindly taking lists of vocabulary that someone has handed to you is not always going to swing it, and being able to adapt and create your own dictionary of words is going to fast track you to those more meaningful and personal conversations. If you use Notion, then here is a template which features pages for your own dictionary, including both a new vocabulary and random phrases page!

Make sure you are constantly switching up your study methods and materials. Not only to solidify all that new information, but to keep things interesting. Motivation is a huge contributor to success in language learning, so make sure to keep it fun. How do you like to use flashcards? Do you find them helpful for learning a language? Let me know in the comments!

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