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Download night owl hd for pc

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The app operator has complete control over every feature available on the surveillance cameras, including zoom, recordings, still-image, video capture, and playback. The live streaming is immediately sent from the surveillance system to the app on your phone. There is no participation of a third-party buffer, not even from the firm itself. The Night Owl HD has a plethora of features that make it is a unique app. Among them, some are:. It can record in resolutions as high as p.

Nevertheless, it also supports several wired add-on cameras with lower resolutions. The integrated cameras had a maximum resolution of p, that's now the industry standard for security cameras. The changeable frame rate of Night Owl's DVR, which you may set to as low as one frame per second fps and as high as 30 fps, is a significant benefit. While using more storage, the movement is as seamless as you would expect from a TV show at 30 frames per second.

Lower frame rates don't need as much room, but action will look stilted or choppy. For most people, a balance between 12 and 20 fps is ideal.

The camera's recording time can be scheduled to the hour and day of the week. This feature is primarily for business owners who want to record specific times, but it can also be helpful for homes with a regular schedule. The DVR can accommodate most needs by letting you pick between motion recording and continuous recording. The Night Owl DVR's recording settings can help you record everything or make the most of your recording time.

You can store the video up to 1TB of video tape on the DVR's enormous hard drive, which allows eight cameras to record constantly at p resolution for more than a day.

Be smart, be safe, be connected! This is accomplished by designing and engineering products that are high quality, user friendly, and affordable. Our video surveillance equipment is used by homeowners, businesses, federal and municipal organizations, retailers, dealers, distributors and integrators across the globe.

Visit us at www. When connected to a 3G or 4G LTE network, the live video feed from your Camera will be considered streaming data by your phone service provider and will contribute to any data or download limit your phone data plan may have.

If you exceed your data plan limit, this may result in additional usage charges. It is highly recommended to contact your phone service provider to know the limit of your data plan before using this video streaming application.

Developers can show information here about how their app collects and uses your data. Learn more about data safety No information available. I hear the system making noise in the night and I know that an update has been pushed out and the app on my phone will no longer work. This has been ongoing for over 2 years. In the past few days they have done it again.

No matter how I try to login it fails on the app. I reinstall the app still it doesn't work. This outfit sucks. I am sick of revisiting this issue. I downloaded 4 different versions of this app. Finally I found that Night Owl X works. Motion sensitivity could be better. Wish the light didn't change color when you're actively watching it. Anyone familiar with it, knows when you're watching. Needs more options. Such as, moving the date and time so certain light glares doesn't obstruct it. Also being able to adjust the time would be nice.

Hi, We've forwarded your feedback to our developers.

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Yes it's older tech, but if you're going to continue to support it, take care of the bugs! App drains battery in the background and hasn't been updated in years. Need better developers. It works when it feels like it. On my phone as long as I'm connected to the same wifi as my system it loads pretty fast.

But if I'm not home when I need it the most it either doesn't connect or takes 10 minutes. On my laptop I'm lucky to get it to connect at all. Very displeased. The developers really need to look into this. Please clear the app cache and check on the application permissions within the mobile device settings, ensure that all permissions are enabled.

Our first update of the Fall has arrived! The Night Owl engineers have been living on coffee and fast food so they can eliminate a bug affecting push notifications.

Just like you, we do not like bugs! Where ever you may be, please stand and give these guys an ovation. The issue has been fixed. Remember to have your camera working as Halloween is right around the corner. Who will be watching your home when you are out hoarding candy? Night Owl Connect. Night Owl X. Night Owl Pro. Night Owl X HD.

Night Owl Safe. Night Owl is currently the 1 choice for wired security. No need for rewiring or disguising a conspicuous cord. Cameras hold up to 4 rechargeable batteries for up to 1-year of charge life.

Looking to add to your existing system? Boost your coverage with our add-on cameras. Brings the door to you. Need some extra cables or power adapters for your cameras? How about our indoor microphone? Look no further. In addition to bilingual phone support English, Spanish and live chat, our support site contains an extensive knowledge base.

Why call? Our support site has it all! With detailed how-to videos, FAQ's, quick setup guides, manuals, and support articles, we are here to answer your questions so you can get the most out of your product, frustration free. The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled.

Wired Secure. True CCTV. Wireless Unprecedented flexibility.