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Roccat kain 100 aimo software download

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Some of our mice seem to be especially popular with gamers who want to use advanced clicking techniques such as drag clicking. However, this technique is not a feature we advertise our mechanical mice with, and success in using the technique depends heavily on the mouse owner. In general, dull mouse surfaces are preferable, but in the end we can't make a statement about whether it is definitely possible to drag-click with our mice or not. It should be noted that this click method causes switches to lose their durability much faster.

Ultimately, however, it is up to the mouse owner whether drag clicking is possible or not. What is AIMO? There is no user-programming needed, no settings to be made and no need to download third-party plug-ins. Connect your devices, run our Swarm software and you're good to go! What is Easy-Shift? These can be hotkeys, macros, multimedia controls and many, many more. What is Polling Rate?

The polling rate is the frequency at which the mouse position is transmitted to the PC as an updated signal. The higher the frequency, the more often the position is transmitted and the more precise fast mouse movements are. How do I customize my mouse's settings?

Our Swarm software lets you customize default settings like DPI and scroll speed, lighting, button assignments, and advanced settings like polling rate or angle snapping to suit your personal needs and habits.

What is the standard DPI? DPI stands for "dots per inch" and indicates how many points are covered on the screen per inch moved on the mouse pad. Since left and right click are existential functions of a mouse, the functions must always be assigned. However, they are not inseparably linked to the left and right mouse buttons, therefore other functions can be assigned to those if the click functions are linked to other mouse buttons beforehand.

How do I clean the mouse? A damp and rough towel is most suitable for cleaning the mouse. However, it is important that the towel is not too wet, as the moisture can irreparably damage the mouse's electronics. The use of soaps or detergents is also not recommended, as these can damage rubber components of the mouse coating. Swarm does not let me configure the mouse. When settings are made in Swarm, "Apply" must be pressed at the bottom right afterwards, otherwise the settings will not be applied.

However, if the settings are grayed out or not displayed, there is probably a driver problem. Sometimes Windows may not install the correct driver when setting up devices for the first time, causing communication problems. This problem can be fixed as follows: Open your Windows Device Manager by searching in the Start menu. Select your device and uninstall it by right-clicking. Leave the mouse connected to the PC, even if you can't use it now. Press the Windows key on your keyboard and search for Swarm in the Start menu.

Open the application with Enter. Swarm should now automatically reinstall the module for your mouse. The software might also offer you an update, which you have to install first. Afterwards, your device should work as desired. Although experience shows that mice generally work with hubs and KVM switches, these can cause errors in the mouse's behavior. This is due to the fact that there is no direct communication between mouse and PC and signals are sometimes interrupted.

We therefore recommend connecting our devices directly to the PC. Can I use the mouse without installing Swarm? Our devices do work without Swarm, but they are little more than generic computer peripherals in such a case.

Without Swarm, there are no options for modification, i. However, our devices can easily be set up once in Swarm, so the program's feature set is not lost. After that, it is not necessary for Swarm to be active or installed for most functions. First of all, make sure that the mouse is connected correctly. Open menu. Wired Wireless. Wireless Wired. Titan Switches. Stellar Wireless. Driver Software. Syn Buds Air App.

Kain AIMO. Color Black. Error translation missing: en-CA. This product will be on sale. Dimensions Height: 4. Compatibility System requirements: USB 2. AIMO Illumination. Titan Switch Optical. Mouse Wheel. Roccat Bionic Shell. Color Options. Only Mouse Wheel. Pro-optic Sensor R8 8, dpi. Titan Wheel. PixArt PMW 16, dpi. Pixart PMW 19, dpi.

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